About WCC

Hi, I'm Hannah!

Candlemaking started out as nothing more than a hobby for me. I was working a full-time job and had always loved candles. I purchased a candlemaking kit so I wasn't spending a fortune on candles anymore and instantly fell in love!

I gave my first few batches to friends and family and received great feedback. After many conversations with my husband and evaluating what I was looking for out of a career long-term, I decided to take the leap and start my business.

I knew I wanted to create natural candles and loved how amazing soy-coconut wax was to work with. From there, I sought out to create a candle line that was natural, clean burning and distinctive. All of our materials are sourced within the US!

Being a Chicago-founded company, the name comes from the "Wrightwood Neighbors" neighborhood that we lived in within Lincoln Park.  Our candles are now hand poured in beautiful Denver, Colorado! 

All of my candles are made to order and hand poured by me in my home studio. My dog, Ivy, and cat, Apollo, are my helpful studio assistants, but they can only get so close ;) 
I love what I do, and hope you feel that every time you light one of my candles! XO

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